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Welcome Dr. Fuyan Liu from Changzhou Institute of Technology to be committee member!


Dr. Fuyan Liu

Changzhou Institute of Technology, China

Research Area:

Fire safety protection and numerical simulation research; mechanical friction modification research

Research Experience:

Dr. Fuyan Liu studied Materials Science at the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010, and obtained a combined master and doctor degree. Her research topic was the mechanical friction and its modification. She joined the work in 2016 and worked at Changzhou Institute of Technology. At present, she engaged in safety engineering research. Her main research focuses on two aspects. One is the fourth generation of non-toxic, pollution-free, high-efficiency new aerosol fire extinguishing agent. The other is the fire prevention and fire safety in a confined space. Up to now, she has hosted and/or participated in 5 national provincial and ministerial projects and published 10 articles.

The projects participated are as follows.

1. Morphology controllable synthesis of novel bifunctional Ce-La composite oxide and its catalytic performance of supported gold particles, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 21802008;

2. Demulsification experiment and mechanism study of attapulgite-based carbon nanocomposites for crude oil emulsion, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51704042;

3. High temperature oxide lubrication and crystal chemical method for Ti3SiC2, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51075382;

4. Study on tribological properties of intergranular strengthened Ti3SiC2 matrix composites, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51405475;

5. Formation mechanism and structural properties of apatite crystals with specific morphology during pathological mineralization process, bilateral program in “Ultrastructural organization, crystal-chemical characteristics and morphological transformation of nanostructured calcium phosphate in pathological deposits from human cardiovascular system”, Key Program for International S&T Cooperation Projects of China (China-Ukraine), CU01-04;

Important Dates


Initial Review Notification Date

5 Days after submission


Registration Deadline:Nov. 18, 2021


Conference DateNov. 19- 21, 2021

Co-Organized by





China Coal Research Institute





Kunming University of Science and Technology





China Coal Technology Engineering Group





Yantai University





School of Environmental and Material Engineering, Yantai University





National Engineering Laboratory for Deep Shaft Construction Technology in Coal





Nanning Normal University 




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